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digistories logo is run and owned by Barrie Stephenson

I wasthe Executive Producer of the BBC Telling Lives Digital Storytelling project running workshops throughout England between 2002 and 2005.

Telling Lives was based on the Capture Wales project based at the BBC in Cardiff. The team in England was fully trained and mentored by the Welsh team in the winter of 2002/3.

When the Telling Lives project ended I began digistories to continue to pass on the skills of digital storytelling to a wide range of communities.

In some ways it was a big decision to leave the BBC after 18 years. I had been a radio producer, journalist and Managing Editor of two BBC Local Radio stations in Hull and York.

Community service had always been important to me and I was proud to have led the team at Radio York that won a Sony Gold Award for it's community service to North Yorkshire during the floods of 2000.

Digital Storytelling continues that tradition of community service. Through the workshops I've watched people change. They gain confidence as well as skills by telling their story using new technology and modern media. I rarely leave a workshop without learning something new about human experience.

If the decision to leave the BBC was difficult - the decision to continue with digital storytelling was easy.

If you think I can help you with any aspect of digital storytelling please get in touch.





photo by Natalie Shell
Barrie Stephenson

What adult education tutors said about training workshops

"Very professional. Well organised and delivered sessions. Thank you."

"Good practical advice on how to deliver the sessions."

"I learnt so much through undergoing what I myself will be teaching. Barrie was a brilliant facilitator."

"The day enabled me to see the story telling work from a students perspective, raising my enthusiasm, which I could then, hopefully, transmit when teaching the course."

"I learnt new methods and story telling techniques."

"Enjoyed hearing other peoples' stories. We all achieved success and were supportive and supported by Barrie



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