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What is a digital story?

How is a digital story made?

What skills are acquired?

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Useractive Media

workshops are for anyone to learn the skills of digital storytelling to produce broadcast content.

They can be set up to meet the editorial requirements of the broadcaster or publisher while allowing the storyteller editorial control over their own film.

Potential customers

Digital stories are intimate personal insights into modern life told in the storytellers' own voice. There is no professional mediator. The process works well to produce both radio scripts and television films. Stories can also be used on interactive and internet platforms. Watch these stories made in a digistories workshop at The Islamic Centre in Leicester for BBC Religion and Ethics

Companies and organisations
Allow staff to tell their own story. One company commissioned a digital storytelling workshop as part of their diversity awareness week. The films were published on the company's intranet and circulated on DVD. Those stories won a Clarion Award

Charities and Voluntary organisations
Digital stories made by your clients or volunteers will be more powerful than a promotional video or powerpoint presentation. The first hand personal accounts engage audiences in a new way, bringing emotional depth to your factual presentations. Along the way participants in the workshop gain new skills.

Training trainers
Let digistories train your staff or community to deliver their own storytelling workshops.






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