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These pages are my contribution to the Digital Storytelling Community. The links lead to some of the very best practitioners and chart the history of my involvement with the form.

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The world's biggest archive of digital stories is held by the BBC on two sites. Telling Lives - stories made in England and Capture Wales - stories made in - you've guessed it.

Photobus is the site of Daniel Meadows - the guru and inspiration behind digital storytelling in the UK. No-one else spreads the storytelling gospel like Daniel. His site contains a complete manual for producing digital stories using both Adobe Premiere and iMovie. Download the iMovie manual here.

Dana Achley is considered to be the father of digital storytelling. His widow, Denise, says he had kept every image in every format since he started collecting pictures at the age of seven. See some of them on Next Exit.

The Centre for Digital Storytelling is where it all started. Joe Lambert and his associates have travelled the world teaching digital storytelling through workshops. The centre's recently refreshed website is always worth a visit. The original Digital Storytelling Cookbook is on this site.

KQED Digital Storytelling Initiative
Leslie Rules has helped five hundred people make their digital story through her workshops. You can see a selection of the stories they have told on this site. The initiative has contributed considerably to the progress of digital storytelling in education. One of the best digital storytelling manuals is on this site.

The last Digital Storytelling Festival was in San Francisco in 2005. It was only my second festival and another inspirational time. Read my festival blogs:
San Francisco

If you live in what we call "down under" then the Australian Centre for the Moving Image runs regular workshops. The details are on their site.

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* Telling Lives blog

BBC Telling Lives

BBC Capture Wales


KQED Digital Storytelling Initiative

Centre for Digital Storytelling

Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Digital Storytelling Festival

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